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My Wife Has a Big Brain

Let me tell you about this wife of mine. A few nights ago after the kids headed to bed, and it was way past our own bedtime we headed to the bedroom. I closed the door and turned out the lights and then……get your mind out of the gutter……we somehow got into a conversation about the music and movies we grew up on. Somehow that conversation led to me making some song requests from days long ago, so I could see if she still knew the words.

Let me just tell you that this woman of mine has a sick mind for memorizing 1980’s movie love songs. She sang every verse and chorus from just about every Whitney Houston song (Where do Broken Hearts Go?, I Believe Children are the Future, One Moment in Time, Saving All My Love for You, Didn’t We Almost Have it All, and etc, etc, etc) , songs from Cyndi Lauper (True Colors, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Time after Time) threw in a few Bangles (Manic Monday, Eternal Flame, Walk Like an Egyptian), and topped it off by singing favorites from Karate Kid (Glory of Love) and Top Gun (Take My Breath Away.)

We even got in an argument over which Karate Kid movie takes place in Japan. Which I won, because all true Karate Kid lovers know it was Karate Kid 2 and not Karate Kid 3! She kept fulfilling my song request for well over an hour, and when I woke up in the morning I found myself singing…

“I am a man who will fight for your honor
I’ll be the hero you’re dreaming of
We’ll live forever Knowing together that we
Did it all for the glory of love.”

What is wrong with me? And how in the world can this wife of mine keep this much garbage rolling around in her head? At what age exactly will those lyrics leave that super-sized brain of hers? So the next time she forgets to do something simple, like close the garage door or start the dishwasher; I’m gonna blame it on Whitney and all her catchy pop songs!

Jonathan Cliff is married to his wife Starr and they together live out their days with two sons and a daughter. Jonathan serves as one of the Pastors at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, Tennessee; where he works with leaders throughout the city to help develop Christian community that leads to deep and meaningful spiritual friendships. His journey has been an adventurous one, having served in the local church for 15 years in family ministry developing leaders, building environments for kids and students to belong, and encouraging parents to take big spiritual steps with their families.


  1. Kenny · August 29, 2008

    I got Goonies in the mail through Netflix today… can you tell me what Cindi Lauper song is featured in this 80’s classic?

  2. Lisa · August 29, 2008

    I wonder if that’s a woman thing? My hubby has been known to marvel at the capacity of my brain sludge, particularly song lyrics.

  3. Gina McClain · August 29, 2008

    freakish… yet impressive

  4. Samuel · August 30, 2008

    Freeking love the 80’s!