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The Friday Bag of Nothing

It’s been a busy few weeks, and I apologize for not posting.   If you’ve stumbled here for the very first time, then I’m taking back that apology and telling you welcome instead.   Welcome.

Here’s my Friday Bag of Nothing:

It’s been months in the development, but I’m finally getting my name on the front of a book.   Me and my buddy Donnie have been working hard to bring you the freshest, most interesting, controversial, and best smelling book on the bookshelves.   Check it out!

Every Friday I’m home with my daughter.   My wife works about 6 hours on Fridays, and the boys are at school.   I cannot tell you how much this time has made me grateful for having a daughter.   It totally cracks me up to see and hear the things my daughter does throughout our “Daddy Days.”   In fact, we had to have a talk this morning about not rushing mom out of the house on Daddy Day.   To see much of what we do together, follow me on twitter.com/jonathancliff on Friday’s.   Fun times!

I’ve been asked recently why I have so many people following me on twitter.   Besides the fact that I’m an immensely likable personality (and very, very humble), it’s because I use Tweetdeck to sort my tweets into the groups that make it manageable.   While also leaving a door open to know many more people if they ever choose to interact with me.

Speaking of twitter followers, I   highly recommend these twitter management tools. Social Oomph -This site is great for vetting new followers.   It’s always beneficial to auto-follow, but be careful that you don’t get run over with porn and SEO experts!   The mutuality tool on Huitter is awesome!   It can automatically unfollow all those people that aren’t following you.   Believe it or not, it’s comes in pretty handy for massive unfollows.   Even using the above two tools, I’ve still had my share of porn accounts show up as followers.   I’ve been using TwitBlock.com to kill those that twitter spammers that sneak through.

I signed my first real writing contract this week.   Just for some magazine articles, but still something I’ve had as a goal for a long time.   That sound you hear is me patting my own back.

I really do worry about people that get ALL their news from the same source.   Yes, I’m talking to all my Fox News friends.   Moderation, my friends…moderation.   Please direct all political complaints to idontcare@jonathandoesntcare.com.   I wish people would stop assuming my political position, and stop bringing their complaints to me.

I follow Gina McClain on GoodReads.com.   She is reading so fast and furious this month, that I’m being shamed into reading more.   I know it’s not a race, but I think she’s reading a new book every 12 hours.   I’m just sayin’

The rumor of my iPhone transition seems to have been premature.   But, I still believe in miracles.   It could happen.

Kenny Conley (of ChildrensMinistryOnline.com) is coming for a short visit on Sunday Night.   I’m looking forward to meeting his family (also of ChildrensMinistryOnline.com.)   I hope Kenny (of ChildrensMinistryOnline.com) brings some of Austin’s weirdness up to Lubbock.   I need some more weirdness in my life right now. (BTW -all that CMO promo is an inside joke…)

I got Snow Leopard a few weeks ago for my Macbook. I was so looking forward to the Exchange 2007 integration in iCal and Apple Mail.   However, after 2 hours of struggling to get it working I discovered that we are running Exchange 2003 at work.   Not gonna work with out a stand-in program. Ugh…

I’ve got this friend that insists on using Hotmail for his email, and he posts bags of nothing every single day!   Check him out at Bagofnothing.com

I love iTunes 9.   The ability to transfer music between computers on the same network is a long awaited feature in the Cliff House.

Jonathan Cliff is married to his wife Starr and they together live out their days with two sons and a daughter. Jonathan serves as one of the Pastors at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, Tennessee; where he works with leaders throughout the city to help develop Christian community that leads to deep and meaningful spiritual friendships. His journey has been an adventurous one, having served in the local church for 15 years in family ministry developing leaders, building environments for kids and students to belong, and encouraging parents to take big spiritual steps with their families.


  1. Kelly · September 12, 2009

    Pat yourself on the back from us too. Congrats on the magazine articles. Let us know when they come out so we can read them. I sent something into a mom magazine once but got something back saying thanks but no thanks so I gave up. :) Not my thing, I guess.

    Joey and I are typically about a year behind you and Starr when it comes to tech stuff, so I keep thinking we will eventually get into the “tweet” twitter world. But honestly, twitter lingo makes no sense to me. It’s not you – I just don’t get into all the @something you know http://whatnot. I think we will stick with facebook. :) I do enjoy Starr’s updates via twitter linked to facebook. (huh? is that what she does?) Are you sure you can’t link your twitter feed back to facebook so we can keep up with your cleverness too?

    Happy Saturday!
    .-= Kelly ´s last blog ..Tickle Me Tuesday =-.

  2. gina · September 12, 2009

    i was so bought in… and then the joke. LOL Leave it to you.
    .-= gina ´s last blog ..Most Important Tool #kidmin Can Use =-.

  3. Kenny · September 12, 2009

    I’m packing my bags now. Can’t wait till the slumber party at the Cliff house. I’m bringing my Lightning McQueen pajamas! Don’t worry, I’m bringing a little Austin weirdness to Lubbock (I really don’t even know what that means). While you’re at it, check out http://www.childrensministryonline.com.

    .-= Kenny ´s last blog ..Gateway s Advance Leadership Weekend (9/12/09) =-.