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People I ve Met Online: Starr Cliff

I know this is silly, but the last one in my long list of people I’ve met online is my wife.  She’s got one of the most well written blogs around.  If you visit www.lostinlaundry.com you’ll know it’s true!  I know you hear husband after husband say that about their wife’s blog, but this one time it’s really, really, really true.  She used to write so much more, but has sent much of her best stuff to a collaborative effort with others at www.prize31.com.  That is a great site to see…if you’re a girl.  Prize31.com is part of the Women’s Ministry at our church here in Lubbock.  Today I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorite writings from my favorite person!

On her much less written upon blog I now present here my favorite posts:

  1. Sinking // I love, love, love, love this post.  I have asked her to submit it to something like a magazine for months now!
  2. Falling in Love // In this post, Starr shares how being married to me is like climbing a really treacherous mountain. :)
  3. India: Family Night // This is a great recap of one of our favorite family nights.
  4. Widen the Circle // Yes.  Even my wife thinks orange.
  5. Should Mom’s Quit Volunteering? // This is a thoughtful post, that solicited some great  conversations in the comments.

Jonathan Cliff is married to his wife Starr and they together live out their days with two sons and a daughter. Jonathan serves as one of the Pastors at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, Tennessee; where he works with leaders throughout the city to help develop Christian community that leads to deep and meaningful spiritual friendships. His journey has been an adventurous one, having served in the local church for 15 years in family ministry developing leaders, building environments for kids and students to belong, and encouraging parents to take big spiritual steps with their families.


  1. Starr · September 14, 2010

    Ahh, what a nice suprise to read this morning! Thanks babe.

    (And I would just like to clarify that we actually “met” long before anyone even knew what a “blog” was! You wrote me honest to goodness love letters from college rather than emails. We were the end of an era, baby!)

  2. BagOfNothing · September 14, 2010

    With a tender post like this, Jonathan must be in some hot water.