Why December 25th?

A few years ago I remember there being a family in our apartment complex that didn’t celebrate Christmas.  The real kicker was that they were ardent Christians, and we’re a really great family.  They didn’t celebrate it, for reasons that are common.  Jesus wasn’t born in December, it’s a roman holiday, etc, etc, etc…  The real funny thing was that another Christian family in our complex noticed this family didn’t have a tree or any presents for the kids…and in the real Spirit of Christmas they set out to correct this assuming the family couldn’t afford to celebrate.

They went out and bought a tree, presents, and Christmas food and showed up unannounced at their doorstep to surprise this family with their own “Christmas Miracle.”  What was really great, was that the family that didn’t celebrate; never let on with this family as to why they didn’t celebrate.  They just took the gift, and celebrated that year.

Well, this year the folks over at “What’s in the Bible?” have tackled this age-old questions of why is Christmas on December 25th?  The videos and curriculum are sure to be content-rich; but they bring up an interesting question.  How do we approach this sensitive subject with kids and those that lead them in our churches?  I mean we do all understand that Jesus wasn’t born on the morning of December 25th, right?  We know that the date we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior is rooted deeply in pagan traditions, right?

I personally have learned to celebrate the birth and coming of my redeemer, in spite of the conflict that December 25th present for us; but how do I prepare my leaders to do this in the atmosphere of being honest and forthright with our kids?


Let’s start here:

  • I’d let the information within the WITB videos spur the questions and answers on their own.  When I show this video to our kids at Trinity this month, I’m going to make room for kids to question what they hear.
  • I’m going to encourage that we make the most important thing the most important thing.  The most important thing being…a redeemer was sent for me.  That redeemer was born to a virgin, and laid in a manger in Bethlehem.  That’s truth, and I can hang my hat on that all day long.
  • Be sensitive to those that disagree with the day of December 25th.  It’s easy to assume those people are nuts, but they have their reasons.  When I’ve dealt with these families; I’ve always encourage them to find their own times of the year to celebrate the arrival of a redeemer!

So I’ve spent time today talking about this great video and curriculm idea from WITB; and now it’s time to give yourself a chance to win some all for yourself!  I’ll be giving away a “Why do we call it Christmas? Curriculum Series”  DVD, valued at $79.99!  And you can enter right now below, and there are up to 5 different ways to get your name in the drawing.  Let’s play now!

Jonathan Cliff is married to his wife Starr and they've adventurously grown their family with two sons and a daughter.

Jonathan is currently the Connection Pastorr at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN, where he works with leaders throughout the city to help develop community that leads to deep and meaningful spiritual friendships. Having served in the local church for 12 years in family ministry developing leaders, building environments for kids and students to belong, and encouraging parents to take big leadership steps with their families.

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  • Lynette

    I am not aware of any of my friends or any of our families who have chosen to not celebrate Christmas on December 25.

    • Nobody, really?  Good for you that you don’t have to take kids out of your Christmas pageants so their family won’t be offended! ;-)

  • Peter

    I actually do have some friends who don’t celebrate Christmas. One of them is part of the JWs and they treat it as a pagan holiday so don’t celebrate it.

    • Those JW’s are some strange birds…

      • Peter

        Just saddened by the legalism around it, though I respect their reasons to some extent. No birthdays, no Christmas, and so on – all because somewhere along the line there’s a pagan root to it.  
        I’m reminded of the “Reject vs. Redeem” argument that tends to pop up around October 31.  Not going to get into the rest of the discussion about the roots of JW right now – equally saddened by that.

  • April Rhines

    How have I missed this new DVD release?   It’s too late to get into our Christmas lessons for this year, but will definitely work it into Christmas 2012.  

    • We’re going to use it for our special volunteer-vacation weekends in December!

  • I’ve thought about using this for a few weeks but haven’t decided yet…. winning a free copy makes that decision a lot easier :-)

  • So blessed by the story at the top of the family who received the “Miracle Christmas” so well.  Thank you for the post and I would love to win a free copy of this to use in my children’s ministry!!  Thanks!!

  • Mmm Christmas! I’m so excited about it—and I can’t wait to see this WITB DVD!

    • You CAN wait for Christmas.  Enjoy Thanksgiving first!

  • JC

    yeah. the date isn’t much of an issue for us in this context either, but I would love that WITB DVD!!!

  • johnincolorado

    I think Thanksgiving must be really mad at Christmas. “Wait your turn, Christmas!”
    This series sounds spiffy!

  • Vanessa

    Would love to win. Such a great series!

  • Enter me into the drawing, if it’s not too late.

  • @Louisvillebobby

    Hope I win : )

  • Miniminister

    My wife could use this for kids own worship at our church!

  • Alan Phillips

    I have always wanted to try something from What’s In The Bible and Christmas would be a good time to do that.

  • We have a winner!  Thanks to Kameron Richter for participating, and for making this post so much fun.  

    Stay tuned this Christmas, as I have some more giveaways to share with everyone!

  • JJ

    shud that really be the issue here?… i  prefer to thank God especially during Lord’s supper (sometimes even at family prayer times) that He sent Jesus to die for our sins…everyday shud be Christmas for Christians not just 25th December

  • Paula_beagle

    That question just surfaced at my church. I remembered it from a homeschool assignment from years ago, but couldnt find it. What a blessing to see it here! God is good all the time!
    Paula Beagle

  • Anonymous

    There is limited funds for our Sunday school/youth ministry. To win would be tremendous to use in these departments.


  • Vin

    By the way, I have bought 1 to 7 of this series & having this Christmas edition would enhance my existing library of curriculum & allow continuity in our children’s program. Thanks !