The Eric Trap is a Trap

“The “Eric Trap” takes Children’s Pastors on a dark, serious, and scary journey into the world of working in a church and balancing your priorities.  It was eerie how much the story mirrored my own story in so many ways.  I believe the “Eric Trap” can be a game changer for those willing to shine the light into the dark places of their own pastoral lives.  It’s on the other side of change that the insights gained from this book pay off in a rich way!”

-Jonathan Cliff || Next Generations Ministry Pastor, Trinity Church, Lubbock, TX

I first read the rough draft of The Eric Trap in January, and  immediately  my  suspicions  were peaked.  How did they find out these things about my life?  Have these guys been looking through my mail and talking to my church staff?  I know Sam Luce and Kenny Conley have somehow managed to follow me around secretly and record many of my own struggles as the inspiration for this book.  In fact, I think I should take some of the credit for its success.  Until I have proof that all of their content isn’t blatantly stolen from my real life, I will continue to take credit.

Seriously, this book has that effect on you.  You read and then think, “That’s me!”, then you read another section and want to yell at Eric, “Stop!  I’ve been down this road, it won’t work!” It mimics my own struggles with balance, family, ministry, and trying to look good doing it.  If you don’t know, “The Eric Trap” is a leadership fable.  It includes chapters of the fictional Eric, followed up with some great leaders offering insight into the spiritual and practical implications of Eric’s decisions.

I’d love to give away some copies of this book, so do you want to win some?  I’ve got 3 books total to throw out there in the blogosphere, but do enter you need to follow all the options offered below!  There are so many ways to win!


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Jonathan Cliff is married to his wife Starr and they've adventurously grown their family with two sons and a daughter.

Jonathan is currently the Connection Pastorr at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN, where he works with leaders throughout the city to help develop community that leads to deep and meaningful spiritual friendships. Having served in the local church for 12 years in family ministry developing leaders, building environments for kids and students to belong, and encouraging parents to take big leadership steps with their families.

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    I Would love to read this!

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    Being that I’m a techie, my current read is the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Pocket Consultant – for a review, but also for personal growth. :)

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    Currently reading Lessons Kids Need to Learn by David Staal

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    Both nervous and excited to read this book!

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    I can’t wait to ready this!!

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    Sounds like something I, and my campus leaders, could use.

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    currently reading Not A Fan

  • Currently reading I Blew It by Brian Dollar.

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    This sounds like an awesome book !!!!

  • I’ve seen a lot of tweets, sounds like a book worth reading

  • currently reading I Blew it by Brian Dollar

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    Finishing I Blew It by Brian Dollar, The Eric Trap is next on my list as soon as I get a copy

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    NOw I’m curious, sounds like I need to get a hold of one of these books :)

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      sorry, I am reading “Jesus in the Present Tense” by Wiersbe

  • Spiritual Parenting and Getting Things Done

    (Do you know your tweet says you are giving away The Legacy Path?)

  • Congrats everyone!  I swear, Frank Tan wins everything.  

  • Thanks, Jonathan. I am thrilled to win this.  

  • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Lindsey. I can certify that I do not win all that much. It just appears so because we travel (online) in the same circles.  

    Anyway, I am still waiting to win a Scottevest. Mine is worn out.