The “What Not to Do” of the Orange Conference 2012

This week I’ll hop on an airplane to see some friends, lead a breakout, and let myself breathe a little at the Orange Conference.

These are some things I’m NOT doing at the Orange Conference this week:

  • Interviewing for another job || Seriously, it wouldn’t happen.
  • Avoiding all conversations and hanging out in my hotel room all day. || As a father to three (and sometimes four) it’s tempting, but it’s not why I’ve left my family.
  • Gossip || All get-together type events and conferences are ripe for gossip.  I am not going there this week.
  • Skipping breakouts and general sessions || There is a school of thought that I could get more out of skipping and just talking to someone in the hallway.  I disagree, although I recognize the exceptions when that is the case.  I’m there to learn, I want to learn.
  • Leave early from every general session to avoid traffic || Why would you do this?  You’re only around this crowd a few times a year, don’t be in a hurry to escape them!
  • Tell my wife where I’m eating out || Fella’s, this just isn’t smart.  Don’t force your stay-at-home spouse to compare your great meal at a fun restaurant with friends to their mac & cheese special at home.

If you’re going to be at the Orange Conference this week, would you come say hello?  I’d love to meet you and hear what God is doing in your ministry and life.  You can find me in the Bloggers Suite upstairs in the Main Arena.  See you there!

Jonathan Cliff is married to his wife Starr and they've adventurously grown their family with two sons and a daughter.

Jonathan is currently the Connection Pastorr at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, TN, where he works with leaders throughout the city to help develop community that leads to deep and meaningful spiritual friendships. Having served in the local church for 12 years in family ministry developing leaders, building environments for kids and students to belong, and encouraging parents to take big leadership steps with their families.

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