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Guest Post: Grateful For Those that See the Good

My  wife  Starr wrote a beautiful piece about those special people in our life that see the bad and the good in us; yet choose to focus on the good. Personally, it’s amazing to me at times that my own family continues to do the same for me every day.

When you know someone well, you get to choose: You can choose to see the good, or you can choose to focus on the ugly.

People who know us well get many, many chances to decide which side of us they will remember.  Jonathan and I are just like anyone else; when we develop a close friendship with people, inevitably they get to see  all  our  sides.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  We can put on our best face for a little while…but when you live  real life  with people for long, the  real you  has a way of showing up.

I am so grateful for our friendship with Matthew and Emily Hart.  Grateful that they knew uslong enough  and  well enough  to see us snap at each other…raise our voices at our kids in frustation…roll our eyes and complain immaturely about things in ministry that annoy us.  And yet…they choose to see the good.

We met Emily and Matthew when we first moved to Lubbock.  They were just young 20 somethings, dating and dreaming of a future together.  Jonathan had the  privilege of performing their wedding ceremony.  We celebrated with them as they started their family, having two of the prettiest little girls you’ve ever seen.  We worked with them in ministry, and watched them love children and pour their lives into kids; ours included.  They were there when our oldest was baptized, celebrating with us and praying powerful prayers over his life.
That’s why it was so special to me when they gifted us with these beautiful canvases when we moved to Georgia.  They chose to see the good.    I’m sure that over the years there were offenses rendered and times we weren’t there for them as much as we could be.  But they celebrated the good they saw in us and the positive things we brought into their lives.  What a gift.  Thank you Lord.

They designed these signs for us and gave them to us along with beautiful letters, detailing why they chose these specific words, and explaining the ways we had played these roles in their lives.

Every day I see my canvas and think “I can be those things for someone today.  I get to choose.”


I am a mom of three and wife of one. I am livin' the good life as a stay-at-home mom, and also work part time as a Speech-Language Pathologist. I really loathe doing laundry, and at almost all times have hampers full of clothing in various states of cleanliness overtaking our home. Our three kids are incredible and also sometimes stinky. I talk about them a lot here. Sometimes I don't because they say "Mom. You are not allowed to blog about that." And they have plenty of dirt on me so I comply.