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Stay Curious


I’m always observing people around me, and keep myself constantly on the lookout for great leaders. I see some at the soccer fields, a few at my kids schools, and even more at my church. As a natural introvert, I tend to enjoy quietly watching how other people do things, instead of inserting myself into conversations where I could learn just by listening. Here are some of my recent discoveries:

Great leaders work hard to keep themselves intellectually curious and committed to learning. They ask questions, constantly; which is not the same as questioning constantly. They see themselves as learners, and see each day as an opportunity to learn something new.

Great leaders are inquisitive and always looking for new ideas, insights and information. They don’t see themselves as “old”, but they are always on the search for “what’s next” that may exist in their world. They are willing to seek out information in the most unconventional of ways, because ultimately it’s about finding a new way of doing an old thing that they are after.

Great leaders are curious people. They are interested in the things around them, and it’s the things around them that help to shape what makes them great. From their personal backgrounds, to past experiences they are by the very definition interesting people.

In moments of self-reflection, I could tell you how I don’t do nearly enough of these things. My goal isn’t necessarily to be a great leader, but setting a goal of simply being curious of my surroundings is where I start.

*Image: ShirtSaying.net

Jonathan Cliff is married to his wife Starr and they together live out their days with two sons and a daughter. Jonathan serves as one of the Pastors at Grace Community Church in Clarksville, Tennessee; where he works with leaders throughout the city to help develop Christian community that leads to deep and meaningful spiritual friendships. His journey has been an adventurous one, having served in the local church for 15 years in family ministry developing leaders, building environments for kids and students to belong, and encouraging parents to take big spiritual steps with their families.