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Family Night Ideas

Below are links to “Family Night” themes we did a few years back when my kids were itty-bitties. My hope is that if you’re a parent of littles, you find some easy ideas for making memories and spending time with those precious wee ones. I had so much fun looking through these posts – would you look at those little sweet faces?!?

Roughing It  – Indoor Camping

Ye Olde Family Night  – Pirate Theme

Family Fall Festival  

No One Eats Moon Pies Anymore  – Outer Space Theme

Early Edition  – Morning at Night Theme


Water  – A night around Living Water International

All Aboard!  – Train theme around Polar Express

Puzzle Night

Create Your Own Boardgame  

Popcorn Night

Meet the President

St. Patrick’s Day  – all things green

One Seriously Funny Hamster  – a night around the movie Bolt


Super Heroes and Princesses

Choose Your Own Fast Food Night

India  – a night themed around Compassion International

Nocturnal Creatures  – all about critters that come out at night!

Pizza Night

Strawberry Night  

Sledding and Snowballs in Summertime

When I Grow Up


I am a mom of three and wife of one. I am livin' the good life as a stay-at-home mom, and also work part time as a Speech-Language Pathologist. I really loathe doing laundry, and at almost all times have hampers full of clothing in various states of cleanliness overtaking our home. Our three kids are incredible and also sometimes stinky. I talk about them a lot here. Sometimes I don't because they say "Mom. You are not allowed to blog about that." And they have plenty of dirt on me so I comply.