David Platt Interview

This morning at the D6 Conference, I was able to spend some time backstage with David Platt.  He is the Pastor at The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL, and the author of the great book, Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream.  David absolutely blew it up this morning at D6.  I love it when a person is so passionatte about their purpose, that it makes others uncomfortable.

In this quick 7 minute interview we talked about our children, raising them to seek Christ, and helping our kids learn to not be “of the world.”


D6 Conversations

Today and the rest of this week I’ll be blogging, writing, and starting conversations with my new friends at the D6 Conference.  I’m really looking forward to hearing from some great leaders and meeting people I’ve only known from online interactions.

Will you follow along with me?  I know that not everybody can attend every conference under the sun; but through the power of the Internets you can be a part of D6!  Visit  http://d6conference.com/live to see the schedule of ways you can participate even from a distance.  So hurry up and get your work done, cancel your dr. appointments, shut your office door, and join us at D6 Live!


Conference Conversations

As I prepare to head out of town for a conference this week, my kids have asked me the question, “Dad, what is a conference?”  I’ve tried to give them an answer that I thought would make it easy for them to understand and my response was,

“A conference is where people that want to learn and grow to be better at their job go to learn and get better at their job.  But really, it’s place that I go to talk to people.”

Then began a conversation about talking to people at conferences; and meeting people I don’t know; and hearing from people I’ve never heard from; and all the other benefits of getting out of town and seeing what’s out there.  If I had to explain why you’ve heard me talking about so many conferences on the blog this year here it is:

I go for the conversations.  I go for the dinners with friends sharing my own struggles.  I go for the one-way conversations I have with the people teaching as I’m listening.  I go for the one-way conversations I have with people listening to me as I’m teaching.  I go to meet people different than me.  I go to meet people similar to me.  I go to every conference for different conversations.

The Orange Conference // I go for the life long friends I’ve met through Orange.  I also go because it’s a rare conference that combines denominations, ministry leaders, youth leaders, volunteers, children’s leaders, and senior pastors into one space that creates fireworks of collaboration.  It’s unique.

The D6 Conference // I go for the new people I get to meet and see.  This next week I’ll be at D6 for the first time.  It looks to be a great environment for learning the best from marriage, parenting, and church leadership leaders.  I’m real excited to also not have to travel far to this one!

The KIDMIN Conference // I’m going to Kidmin because I love kids and those that minister to them!  Kidmin is trying really, really hard to reach those that minister to children in a community settings.  No green rooms, no hideaway meals, and relationship encouraged at every turn.  Not to mention Gina McClain laying down some awesome sauce in the main sessions!

Illuminate Conference // I love Illuminate because it’s all about volunteers.  Illuminate encourages me to learn from others, yet allows me the place to teach into those that are going where I’ve been.  I love the opportunity that Illuminate presents to church leaders in Birmingham, AL; Austin, TX; and Nashville, TN to bring their key volunteers together for a ministry investment!

Children’s Pastor Conference // I’ll be at both CPC conferences this year for a new reason.  I’m believing for a change in the way INCM meets and connects Kidmin leaders throughout the world.  CPC is a place that is changing, and I’m excited for the direction my friend Michael Chanley is taking INCM and CPC.

I’m not nieve and I understand that on some level all these conferences compete for the same attenders.  However, I am not an employee of any one conference.  I am just a conversationalist looking for more conversation.   Sure I have my favorites, and I could rank them in some arbitrary order.  But why? Conversations are what I’m looking for.  Not arguments.

Simple as that, kids. :-)


I love music.  I would also like for my own kids to know and love music. I believe one of the easiest ways to introduce kids to music, is to start introducing them to good music in our Weekend Experiences at church. I know that “church music” and “good music” haven’t always flowed in the same sentence as it pertains to kids; but Amber Sky Records is working hard to change that!

  • There is of course the  music, and 12 songs of greatness!  My kids favorites off the Zapped album include; Happy and YouKnowIt (a great version!), Jesus Freak/Undiginified, and No One Greater.
  • There is also a  Dance Moves DVD  that includes instructional dance moves as well as Dance Move Videos.
  • There is also an entire  Performance DVD package  that gives you every conceivable combination of live lyric videos and dance move instructional.  You can get the music with a full background mix, or full vocal mix.  It’s crazy how much you get from just 12 songs on the Zapped album!
Something this great has changed the way we lead the worship experience for Elementary students at our church.  Using a combination of the live lyric videos from Amber Sky Records; we’ve been able to create something meaningful for our kids.  At the same time, we are introducing them to good music!  A Win-Win!  Speaking of winning, look what we have here.  It’s a chance to win!

I’m going to giveaway some great Zapped music this week.  Use the PunchTab application above to enter yourself up to 5 times!  I’m going to giveaway ONE  Zapped Audio CD  ($15 value) and ONE  Zapped Dance Moves DVD  ($30 value).  The winner gets both to use at church or home!  Enter right now!