Sucky Parent Syndrome


Parents are struggling to feel like they do a good job. How do I know that? Easy. I’m a parent.  I know I’m not terrible, but I’m so far from being who’d I like people to think I am. I lose my temper to often. I forget what’s really important too many times to count.

I keep trying. I keep learning, and I’ve learned to get really good at asking for forgiveness. This is the world that I live in, and it’s a familiar place for many other parents. Yet, I’m not depressed…in fact, I’m far from sad about it. I’ve learned to keep striving for the ideal and perfect, while accepting that I will never be able to actually get there.

My reason? Jesus. Jesus was forever calling us to live the ideal. He said children should obey parents, and wives should serve their husbands, and husbands should lay it all down for their wife, and fathers should speak words of grace to their children. All these things he called for, we often fail at.

Why would he call me to something so unbelievablely difficult to maintain?

Because He wants us to strive for the ideal. He knows we can’t even come close when we rely on our own strength. We need him to lead and guide us. He doesn’t judge us by our ability to be ideal, he judges us by our willingness to accept him or not.

You and I are not bad parents, but we are so much better when we let God lead us in our parenting. When we continue to grow in our relationships with our father God, then we continue to grow in our relationship as a father. When we learn to let God lead us, we learn to lead those around us.

Don’t give up on the ideal.  


Introvert Talk Back


I’ve written about my understandings of introverts and along with that my understanding of myself along the way. But as I’ve written and talked and shared with others what I’ve learned, I’ve been put in a box of sorts. I don’t like fences. Don’t fence me in. Sing it now…

Let’s be clear.

There are introverts and then there are introverts. Not all are created equal.

On the scale of 1-100, with 100 being the never talking introvert, I’m somewhere around the 50 mark. Again, not all introverts are created equal.

Introverts are not necessarily submissive. Just because I get energized by time alone, doesn’t mean you can walk all over me. I have opinions. Some of them are strong opinions.

I’ve come to believe that many kind-hearted extroverts are terrified of introverts. Don’t be scared. Just be yourself, I’d expect nothing less.

Introverts do like to talk. I may be the most verbal person you ever meet. I love to talk. I’ll talk myself out of something if I talk enough. I process things verbally, and I don’t even need anyone to talk with…although I’d prefer an actual person to talk with.

I may not ever be the guy with a lampshade on his head at the party, but I can still be a lot of fun. Please invite me along for the fun.

I’ll gladly wear the lampshade on my head if you put me on stage with a few thousand people around to watch. Something in my introverted-ness that shakes that off pretty easily for performance sakes.

I’m private by nature, but this is something God is changing in me. I don’t want to be guilty of using my unique personality as an excuse to be a jerk. (This one is for the introverts out there…)


Thanks for the listen. Calling all introverts, anyone out there need to add to this list? Anything I’m not clear enough on?

Yancy Music: Roots for the Journey


Roots for the Journey  is available TODAY!

What started as a lullaby CD for Yancy s son with songs all based on scripture, soon became a really nice, relaxed worship experience. The music, organic, unplugged and simple featuring upright bass, glockenspiels and cello in addition to acoustic guitars  and piano, nicely accompaniments the eternal Word of God.  These songs have the power to strengthen the faith of all Christians, young  and old.

Taking key scriptures and truths that I wanted to pass  on to my son and make sure he knew and understood the direction and answers these scriptures provide us was important. As I  worked in the studio, I realized that with how the music was shaping up and the fact that the Bible is true whether  you re an infant or a grown up these songs had more potential. Already when I meet  people in my life that are facing big mountains, fears or need answers, I ve been able to use these songs as a  way to help strengthen their faith and help them meditate on what God s Word says. Yancy

Any adult will love this music! Anyone who needs a little peace and comfort added to their crazy day will benefit from not only the music but God s promises from His Word in this music. Plus, Yancy covers her own song she wrote for Avalon 12 years ago I Don t Want to Go .

  • Order the CD today!  We are offering a great deal on a pack of 5 CD s too. Get some to give to others who are needing encouragement or use in classrooms, etc. Or you can  download  from iTunes and other digital outlets.
  • Watch  and listen as Yancy shares first hand why she made the album and what “Roots for the Journey” is all about!
  • Here is a music video for the song  “Safe”from “Roots for the Journey”. Share this new music with your friends and co-workers!