Treasure Blind: The Movie

One of my college roommates has a father involved in a movie. By involved, I mean he has been making it for two years. By making it I mean directing, producing, editing, and acting in it. They had the premier screening earlier this week, and now the search for a distributor begins. You can watch a short video clip HERE.

As If Anyone Really Cares About My Thoughts

Warning: All these thoughts have been collected over the past week. They are in no way related to each other.

  • I’m really sleepy today. I have a feeling it is because of this. What a game!
  • I’ve always had an appreciation for the ‘Arts’, believing that artists need the freedom to express themselves even if it doesn’t make sense to everyone. However, THIS has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously, this is art?
  • Last week I had to notify candidates for a position that I had open in my department that they would not be hired. Sometimes I think this may be as hard as firing someone. So uncomfortable, but so necessary.
  • Waiting on your laptop to be repaired really stinks. So helpless, yet so productive without it.
  • I Read a great book last week. The Dip, by Seth Godin. And the best part is it’s only 80 pages. I wish all authors would make their books this small. I’ve always felt that most authors could say what really needed to be said in about 100 pages. (The same applies to those who speak for over 45 minutes.)
  • Have you ever spent over 2 and 1/2 hours on the telephone trying to get something accomplished with Customer Service from a major corporation? I have. ATT is now officially on my ‘Do Not Love’ list.
  • Are fat people handicapped? If not, then why do they get to drive on those motorized carts at Wal-Mart? I know this sounds mean (because it probably is), but do you realize how obvious it is to everyone that they are only driving the cart because they are too large to push a basket? This makes me mad for all the seriously injured or handicapped who can’t get a cart, because some large fella needs help getting more Oreo’s and Ice Cream. (I am so horrible…)
  • I would like to personally apologize for that last paragraph. I’m sure my wife is cringing in horror.
  • I am supposed to golf this Thursday. It is part of a Pastor’s Day-Off here at work. I have not swung any type of golf club in over 14 months. Please beware if you are driving anywhere near the Meadowbrook Course in Lubbock, TX.
  • In a little over a week, my wife and I are headed out of town for the weekend. We’re heading to Ruidoso, NM; and NO, the kids are not coming with us.

Sorry for the Delay

I’ve been out of the blogging loop for a week or so. (I apologize to my half-dozen faithful readers). I guess it’s been a scary combination of my wife being out of town, her then returning, my laptop being in the repair shop, the setup at church of a new state-of-art electronic check-in system, and overall general laziness.

As I post from my mobile phone I solemnly swear to blog something meaningful this week. Maybe?!?

Come Home Mommy, Come Home

As I type this my wife and the mother of my children is in route to us via an International flight from Japan. She’s been gone for 7 days, and I’ve taken on the task of single-parent for a week. After this experience I have a great appreciation for those less-fortunate than myself, raising kids without the help of a spouse; or even grandparents down the street! It’s gone well in her absence, but we are all ready for her to return to our lives. Raising my kids, taking them to school, getting ready for church, eating dinner, reading bed-time stories, wrestling, coloring sesame street characters, playing at the park, and everything else we do is just not the same without our Mommy around to share it with. That’s for sure.

The one and only thing that has driven me crazy in her absence is the patronizing comments from those around me. More than once, actually over a dozen times, I’ve had someone say something to the effect that they can’t believe I haven’t run away yet; or that they can’t believe I’m doing it all by myself; or that they bet the kids are eating take-out pizza every night while Mommy is gone. Will society give us men a little bit of credit? It’s hard taking care of your kids all by yourself, but I’m a parent and an adult. Why couldn’t I care for my kids? I hate being grouped in with the cavemen of the world, just because I’m a dad and a man. Geesh! Enough already! And this rant doesn’t mean I’m going to be a little girl hair stylist any time soon, but I gave it my best shot and I think for the most part my daughter’s hair looked presentable. For the most part…