Number 3 is 2

Happy Birthday Lauryn!

Today my third kid is turning 2 years old. Lauryn is my only girl, having been preceded in birth order by her two brothers; Ryan and Dylan. Having two boys in the house to start my parenting lessons has been an adventure. Ryan and Dylan generally run into everything with their heads, and climb most anything that is within reaching distance. They are both so different, but they are both 100% boy! Lauryn however is, and has always been, 100% girl. She flirts with tomboyish behavior, returning hits from her brothers with her own feminine ferociousness, but for the most part there is no mistaking the difference between her and the boys.

Without a prompting from me or Starr, Lauryn has shown us both that girls are just different. She babies everything she can get her hands on, sings Night-Night songs to her brother’s Superman figurines, and prances around the house with her mother’s shoes on. The only time you can get her to sit still for long periods is when Starr paints her toenails. And those painted toenails become a source of pride for days to come, with her showing anyone who will take the time to look. One of the dangers when taking Lauryn to any store, is to avoid walking within sight distance of the shoe department. Shoes! My boys liked new shoes, but my girl has taken it to a new level. Shoes might be one of the things that bring her the most joy. If you need to take her somewhere, just mention that she gets to wear shoes; and she’ll run to her room and have her shoes on in seconds ready to head out the door.

This year Lauryn has learned to walk, she has learned many new words, and she’s learned that play jewelry is a girls best friend. However, the greatest lesson learned this year by me is that raising a girl is one of the most adventurous things anyone can do. (I know, I know, “Wait til they’re teenagers…”) Everyday I see things that she does and am reminded that having a daughter might be the greatest gift ever given to my family. Happy Birthday Lauryn!

Bizarro Fun

As I sit here tonight, planning for a busy day of activities on Sunday; I’m drawn to the oddness of Bizarro comics and decided to share one of my new favorites. I’m doing communion tomorrow during all three adult services, I’m performing on stage during the large kid’s service at church, and I have an afternoon birthday party for my daughter Lauryn. With all these things happening in my life, sometimes I need to take a break and laugh at the ‘just plain silly’ parts of life. This comic reminds me of how shallow I feel like my blog is sometimes. I read many, many, many blogs and sometimes I walk away thinking I may possibly be the least spiritual pastoral blogger on the Internet. Anyways…

Really Lost

This week Steve Fossett, the daring adventurer, went missing. Seems he took off in a small plane by himself, and has not been heard from since. He’s presumed lost somewhere in the Sierra Nevada’s, only 17,000 square miles of waterless terrain. It’s fascinating to read that people are scouring satellite images on Google Earth, and many are volunteering to search this desolate part of the United States for Steve Fossett.

I came across this story on; and it’s crazy. It’s really amazing what you find when you go looking in far off places, isn’t it?

Search for Fossett could solve decades-old mysteries

The hunt for missing aviator Steve Fossett in the rugged terrain of western Nevada could solve some much older mysteries. Searchers have turned up half a dozen previously undiscovered plane crash sites, and they believe there may be as many as 200 such sites around the Sierra Nevada range, where soaring mountain peaks, deep ravines, sagebrush and trees provide natural camouflage for downed planes.

Football Night in America

Thoughts from watching the Dallas Cowboy game tonight:

  • After day of wondering what the Green Dot on the back of the QB helmet was; I finally googled an answer. The Green Dot is a sign that that player has a Microphone inside his helmet. Apparently there are some new helmet mic rules, but could they pick an uglier color for the Dot. It looks like a booger…
  • After years of Chevrolet beating us down with the “Like a Rock” campaign, they’re at it again with the John Cougar Mellencamp “Our Country” commercials. I think I’ve seen and heard this commercial 100 times this weekend. My ears start bleeding when the song starts! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then get on our knees right now and thank God in Heaven for sparing you of this forgettable song!
  • Is it weird that ESPN advertises Monday Night Football during the NBC Sunday Night Football game? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one network run ads on another network.
  • I’m fantasy football player, and have been for years. Have you ever had a player that you wish terrible results on for fantasy reasons, but he plays for your favorite team? Jason Witten, I love you and hate you tonight!
  • I’m a true Cowboy Fan, meaning when the Cowboys are up 38-22, I’m waiting for the obligatory defensive lapse allowing the Giants to come back and win it.