Ring, Ring, Ring Jealousy

I’m in a bit of a technology crisis. I am a technology nerd, who usually wants the best and first available mobile devices. When I moved to Lubbock the church here gave me a phone to use for church and personal business. It was nice to have a $0 phone bill, but the phone provided to me was a circa 1998 Sanyo flip phone. I know, I know it made perfectly good phone calls; but it didn’t balance my checkbook, didn’t allow me to browse the mobile Internet, and generally made me feel disconnected from the world.

Last week I finagled myself into a older model PDA phone, and the world was turning around for me. I was finally connected to my exchange server, and had something fun to play with when stuck for long periods of time at a kids playground. Until this week…

My wife is getting a new phone from her part-time job which is a much better phone than mine. Then my father told me that he got a new state-of-the art phone, the ATT Tilt. What is a techno-geek to do? I’m falling behind. It pains me that my wife has a better phone than mine; she doesn’t even know how to use it!

(And all the above posting is purely tongue-in-cheek. I know there are those who cannot afford meals, and heat for their homes. Please don’t send hateful emails. Or if you do, make them creative so I can post them on my blog and make fun of you.)

The Most Awkward Show on Television

In this advanced age of satellite TV, and the 200+ channels available at my house; it seems kinda funny that the television show I look the most forward to is This Old House on the greatness that is PBS. I love to see the insides of people’s homes get renovated. I have absolutely no carpentry, plumbing, landscaping, or electrical skills, but there is something about this show that makes me feel like I could do anything if Tom Silva was helping me.

I’ve seen other home repair shows on TLC, A&E, etc…, but they are all so feminine. TOH is the most masculine home repair show on television. All the workers have beer bellies, there are no women on site, and most of them still talk to the camera’s like they’re annoyed by their presence.

And do you think that when Bob Vila started TOH 20 years ago, that he ever thought we would one day watch the crews progress from live web cams? I think not!

Treasure Blind: The Movie

One of my college roommates has a father involved in a movie. By involved, I mean he has been making it for two years. By making it I mean directing, producing, editing, and acting in it. They had the premier screening earlier this week, and now the search for a distributor begins. You can watch a short video clip HERE.

As If Anyone Really Cares About My Thoughts

Warning: All these thoughts have been collected over the past week. They are in no way related to each other.

  • I’m really sleepy today. I have a feeling it is because of this. What a game!
  • I’ve always had an appreciation for the ‘Arts’, believing that artists need the freedom to express themselves even if it doesn’t make sense to everyone. However, THIS has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Seriously, this is art?
  • Last week I had to notify candidates for a position that I had open in my department that they would not be hired. Sometimes I think this may be as hard as firing someone. So uncomfortable, but so necessary.
  • Waiting on your laptop to be repaired really stinks. So helpless, yet so productive without it.
  • I Read a great book last week. The Dip, by Seth Godin. And the best part is it’s only 80 pages. I wish all authors would make their books this small. I’ve always felt that most authors could say what really needed to be said in about 100 pages. (The same applies to those who speak for over 45 minutes.)
  • Have you ever spent over 2 and 1/2 hours on the telephone trying to get something accomplished with Customer Service from a major corporation? I have. ATT is now officially on my ‘Do Not Love’ list.
  • Are fat people handicapped? If not, then why do they get to drive on those motorized carts at Wal-Mart? I know this sounds mean (because it probably is), but do you realize how obvious it is to everyone that they are only driving the cart because they are too large to push a basket? This makes me mad for all the seriously injured or handicapped who can’t get a cart, because some large fella needs help getting more Oreo’s and Ice Cream. (I am so horrible…)
  • I would like to personally apologize for that last paragraph. I’m sure my wife is cringing in horror.
  • I am supposed to golf this Thursday. It is part of a Pastor’s Day-Off here at work. I have not swung any type of golf club in over 14 months. Please beware if you are driving anywhere near the Meadowbrook Course in Lubbock, TX.
  • In a little over a week, my wife and I are headed out of town for the weekend. We’re heading to Ruidoso, NM; and NO, the kids are not coming with us.