Give It Away, All of It

Last night on the new ESPN show E:60 (kind of a 60 MINUTES for Sports); Starr and I watched the gut-wrenching story of Jason Ray. He was the UNC Mascot who was killed last March on his way to a basketball game. When his parents knew that there was no chance for his survival, they chose to honor their son’s wishes and put all his organs up for donation. In death Jason Ray contributed to the lives of over 50 people. Make the time to watch this 15 minutes video. You can also read about his story HERE.

Starr and I promised each other that we would also contribute to this cause if fate ever brought this choice upon us. God Forbid.

Good to Great Morning

I had a breakfast meeting this morning. These are rare for me, but I really needed to meet with someone about the Sunday Morning happenings in our Elementary area, and the only time we could meet was early this morning at the local IHOP. So I got up 30 minutes earlier than normal, and dropped Ryan by the school for early drop off care. I’m not a big fan of early mornings, but I’ve hit on something with this meeting. It’s so nice to get something out of the way before even heading into the office for the day.

In honor of my early rise, I want to make two wake-up song recommendations. Music inspires me and leads me in a good direction. A good song in the morning can effect my whole day for the positive; and catching a bad one in the morning might have me humming lyrics to an 80’s Bangles song all day long!

  • The first recommendation is the appropriately titled ‘Good Morning Song’ off the Phil Joel Deliberate Kids CD. I use this every Sunday Morning to signal the kids at church that we are about to begin service; and I play it often when taking my own kids to school. If you can’t tap your foot to this song, then have someone check your pulse.
  • The other song recommendation is ‘New Day’ off the newest Robbie Seay Band CD, Give Yourself Away. It’s a great positive song for starting your day. It would be a great song for those recovering from something, whether it be an addiction or death of a loved one.

Ring, Ring, Ring Jealousy

I’m in a bit of a technology crisis. I am a technology nerd, who usually wants the best and first available mobile devices. When I moved to Lubbock the church here gave me a phone to use for church and personal business. It was nice to have a $0 phone bill, but the phone provided to me was a circa 1998 Sanyo flip phone. I know, I know it made perfectly good phone calls; but it didn’t balance my checkbook, didn’t allow me to browse the mobile Internet, and generally made me feel disconnected from the world.

Last week I finagled myself into a older model PDA phone, and the world was turning around for me. I was finally connected to my exchange server, and had something fun to play with when stuck for long periods of time at a kids playground. Until this week…

My wife is getting a new phone from her part-time job which is a much better phone than mine. Then my father told me that he got a new state-of-the art phone, the ATT Tilt. What is a techno-geek to do? I’m falling behind. It pains me that my wife has a better phone than mine; she doesn’t even know how to use it!

(And all the above posting is purely tongue-in-cheek. I know there are those who cannot afford meals, and heat for their homes. Please don’t send hateful emails. Or if you do, make them creative so I can post them on my blog and make fun of you.)

The Most Awkward Show on Television

In this advanced age of satellite TV, and the 200+ channels available at my house; it seems kinda funny that the television show I look the most forward to is This Old House on the greatness that is PBS. I love to see the insides of people’s homes get renovated. I have absolutely no carpentry, plumbing, landscaping, or electrical skills, but there is something about this show that makes me feel like I could do anything if Tom Silva was helping me.

I’ve seen other home repair shows on TLC, A&E, etc…, but they are all so feminine. TOH is the most masculine home repair show on television. All the workers have beer bellies, there are no women on site, and most of them still talk to the camera’s like they’re annoyed by their presence.

And do you think that when Bob Vila started TOH 20 years ago, that he ever thought we would one day watch the crews progress from live web cams? I think not!