Big Brother & Little Sister

I'm trying this mobile blogging feature. Nice!

Today I had Dylan & Lauryn home with me, so we ran a few errands. I love it that when Dylan & Lauryn are together they hold hands wherever they go. Wonder when that will wear off?

4 days without Mommy and we are still hanging in there. Only 3 more days to go!

Three Kids, One Hairbrush, and Me

Sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning, my wife left me. I have vague recollections of her leaving the house with suitcases packed and some doors opening and closing. She did, however, promise to return in 7 days, so I’m not really worried about it.

She’s gone to Japan for the week to visit a friend. It’s one of those crazy things that she’ll never probably be able to do again, so she just went for it. Great for her, but very chaotic for me. Since I was unable to convince her that the kids would make great travel partners, I’m left at home with all the family. Today was our third morning to get up and get ready without Mommy around. Starr and I have a great routine in the mornings. She makes the lunches and gets breakfast ready for the kids. I get ready for work, and iron everyone’s clothes. I usually tackle getting the boys dressed, and she takes care of Lauryn. It’s a great system. Without her here, it has been thrown totally out of whack! I did make all the kids lunches for the entire week, and have them stored in the fridge (don’t worry it’s all pre-packaged lunch materials; ie. uncrustables, lunchables, etc… .) And I iron most everything the night before school, so it’s all ready. However, the biggest challenge has been combing the hair of my 2 year old daughter, Lauryn. It’s somewhere close to as challenging as brushing the hair of a wild, irritated, snotty and gassy grizzly bear. Lauryn knows I shouldn’t be doing this, and is very vocal in her protest. We might have to buy her a hat to wear the rest of the week. Something has to give!

Things are going well so far, but we’re all missing Mommy very much. It’ll be good for all of us, to see what life is like without her. I think…


You know that feeling you get when you march off the elevator, then realize after you walk off that you’re not on the right floor? Know that feeling? I hate that feeling. What do you do? Act like you meant to do that and just wait til the elevator door closes, then try again? Or do you just look like a total dork and get back on the elevator?

These are the great questions I’m pondering this afternoon. Or maybe it just gave me an excuse to post a new Bizarro comic.