Letting My Kids Amaze Me


I want to be surprised by my kids. Not the “Is that a snake in your hands?” kind of surprise, but something a little more meaningful. I spend a large amount of my time with these children of mine, and there is a tendency that I have to not see the amazingness that comes from them on a daily basis. It’s my prayer that I never stop being amazed by them.

Let me be amazed at how quick they learn. Seriously, if I can be patient enough to invest the time teaching them something new, they have a tendency to master it quickly. Even if it takes them weeks to learn to ride their bike, that’s still pretty remarkable.

Let me be amazed at how quickly they recover from pain. I’m a parent, but also someone that has worked with kids for over a decade. It’s often times taken advantage of, but it’s crazy how fast our kids can move past painful moments. All three of my kids process things differently, but they all process much faster than I do.

Let me be amazed at how easy they forgive. One of my best parenting gifts, is the ability to ask my kids to forgive me. And they do. Every single time. They live with a willingness to forgive those that hurt them, and that’s amazing. I’m going to need this ability in my children to parent them through the dark times of their lives, and I’m thankful for what I’ve seen thus far.

Let me be amazed by their laughs. My kids don’t always laugh at my jokes, but when they do it blows me away. I love the things that make my kids laugh. I love to hear them laugh when they makes themselves laugh. Their laughter will be missed in my house when their gone, I can’t even imagine not having the laughter.

Let me be amazed by their faith. Like all of us, they want to believe in something greater than themselves. The ability of children to quickly come to faith in the supernatural, is even something Jesus talked about. It’s amazing to watch them grow as people of faith. My oldest has started journaling, and it makes my heart joyful to see him write his prayers to a father that loves him more than I could ever hope to.

The deep-seated way humans resist divine grace helps us understand something about the fear of love. While some people fear any love, what most of us resist is unconditional love –perfect love. The reason for this is that such love demands surrender.

David G. Benner, Surrender to Love (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2003), 46

Trophy Child: Saving Parents from Performance (Colorado Springs: David C Cook, 2012)

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