A strategy seeks to create an alignment between the church and the home. As much as we try to maximize the impact we have on this generation, the time a child or students spends at home plays a huge role in his or her spiritual development, not just in the hours spent there, but because of the fundamental relationship between a parent and a child. That’s why it’s important to be strategic in how we connect with parents and champion the parent-child relationship.

Reggie Joiner



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Think Orange (David C. Cook, 2009)

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“Our attempt to not feel off guard actually leads to greater self-absorption and the foolish conviction that we can control the world. True core strength is willing to feel helpless and disturbed, and it results in a self-disciplined and passionate life rather than in a controlling life that fears what may surprisingly arise.”

Dan B. Allendar, PhD

What landed Jesus on the cross was the preposterous idea that common, ordinary, broken, screwed-up people could be godly! What drove Jesus’ enemies crazy were his criticisms of the “perfect” religious people and his acceptance of the imperfect nonreligious people. The shocking implication of Jesus’ ministry is that anyone can be spiritual. Scandalous? Maybe.

Messy Spirituality, Michael Yaconelli (Zondervan, 2009), Location 205