Gathering Session #1 || Chris Brown

The Gospel and the Redemptive Story || Mark 5

Jesus casts demon out of man. Jesus was able to give the man some dignity.

Jesus healing the blind man. Everyone begins to seek out Christ to see what this is all about. Father of a sick daughter begs Jesus to come and heal his family. Jesus goes.  On the way… Mark 5:24 || Woman seeks out and touches Jesus’ cloak. She is healed. Jesus knows it immediately. He calls for the woman, and she trembling with fear tells him the whole truth.

Jesus calls her “Daughter” , thereby staking a claim to her as part of his family.

In the midst of all of this is the father, trying to get Jesus to his daughter. Then someone says, “Your daughter is dead. It’s too late.”

Vs36. “Don’t be afraid, just believe.”

Jesus brings Peter, James, and John along to the daughters room. Jesus claims she sleeping, and the crowd laughs at him. He sends them away and in front of her family calls her awake, and she comes alive. He tells the parents to feed her.  Then Jesus distances from the whole thing, and asks that they don’t tell anyone about her healing. Jesus cared for her future, didn’t want her to take the label of to be “used to be dead.”

One chapter of the whole Gospel. Just one. In one day, Jesus forever altars the future lives of the demoniac, women with blood disease, and family of dead little girl.

It continues and continues and continues. The Gospel spreading through the actions of Christ. Redemption happens, the Gospel grows.

When the Gospel happens, the stories continue

The Holy Spirit is the one leading now. Would we even know it if the Holy Spirit left our ministries? Do we let Holy Spirit lead?

May we just ask the God leads us. Let him use our gifts to further the Gospel.

Chris Brown is a Senior Pastor and a Teaching Pastor at North Coast Church in Vista, CA, and co-teaches at Bethel Seminary. Chris loves bringing the Bible to life with his gifts as a communicator and storyteller, but most evident in his teaching is his passion for sharing a real and authentic journey with Jesus.







The Gathering is the premiere event focusing on spiritual formation and family ministry. With limited seating to allow for great conversations, you won t want to miss this exciting opportunity to network and collaborate with other ministry leaders and gain practical insights for your church.

The Gathering is a chance to be collaborative, focused on philosophy with experiential learning opportunities, hearing from professional ministry leaders in the area of family ministry and spiritual formation, while being invited into a transformative ministry time to spiritually nourish the leaders who attend. This is a fresh opportunity to experience ministry and not just talk about it, while being refreshed for the next season ahead.



Away I Go

This morning I’m getting on a plane so I can go wait at another airport for 3 hours to then get on another plane and then eventually find myself at “The Gathering.”  The Gathering is a special collection of family ministry leaders from around the country.  David C. Cook explains it this way:

The Gathering exists for the purpose of inspiring, equipping, and supporting the faith community in order that they may become awakened to their role as ambassadors of God, His kingdom movement, and spiritual formation through family ministry within the local church.

I’m excited about being there for a bunch of reasons, but I’ve been narrowed it down to really just ONE thing.  I don’t know anyone teaching, speaking, or leading there. When I was invited to participate, and was having to decide (along with my family) if this was something worthy of me being away; the really big draw was the opportunity to hear some voices I’m not familiar with.

It’s important to note that I do NOT work for a curriculum provider.  I’m NOT in the “business” of church ministry, and I’m NOT selling anything.  Sure, I have my favorites and I have the resources I use at my church.  But at heart, I’m a man that has a burden for the Next Generations in my local church.  The Gathering is about tapping into that passion I have, and helping me lead better from where I am.  I’m looking forward to a week that helps me increase my leadership to families in a new way.

I’ll be blogging a bunch here over the next few days, so stay tuned for some new fresh voices for you as well.  Maybe you’ll hear something you’ve never heard before, and most likely it comes from somebody you’ve never heard of.

Free Stuff Monday

This weeks giveaway is Roger Fields new book, Jumping the Track.  It’s the story of how an obscure pastor created a national production that reaches tens of thousands.  Beyond goal-setting, this is a first person account of the courage to abruptly change life s direction multiple times. It chronicles Roger Fields unique journey with the ups and downs of doing things in an unconventional way.

This book will walk you through all sorts of crazy and great things, for example:

  • Abandon long-term goal setting
  • How abrupt changes can energize your life
  • Are you letting grasshopper brain paralyze your progress?
  • The secret of the Tishbite
  • Failure: Why you need it and how it will help you
  • 5 tracks you can jump
  • Coon hunting in Kansas
  • and the Kidz Blitz story!

Orange Session: Andy Stanley

Friday Morning we heard from Andy Stanley on that “One Thing” we should be communicating to our church staff. As a leader of staff, I’ve listened to Andy teach on this for years. To say a message like this resonates with me, is a egregious understatement. Love, love, love this truth dedicated to the leaders of our church.

Not So Among You

One Thing that drives healthy staff culture. // and it works in Your family too.

Mark 10:32-37, 41 // Jesus is asked by the disciples for more favor.

42-43 || not so with you.  //  Whoever wants to be great (and it’s ok to want to be great), must become a servant and slave of all.

45 || Even the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.

Healthy and Productive staff cultures are defined by Mutual Submission.

Mutual Submission: I’m here to facilitate your success wherever you and I are on the org chart. Our jobs are different, but we are both essential to the success of the organization.

  • Everyone is equally essential.

The question mutual submission asks: “How can I help?”


  • The lie of “Annointing”
  • The triangle setup on org chart will never see Mutual Submission.

Our leadership style is dictated by this : Even the son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many.  

Anointing is not emphasized in NT, it’s all service and serving.

Are the reserved parking spots necessary, really?

  • Do for one what you wish you could do for anyone.
    • The myth that if we do for one we have to do everyone. We don’t!
    • Jesus often only healed the one out of a crowd of many.
  • Systematic top-down method of service.
    • How can I leverage what I’m good at to facilitate the success of others?
  • Create and maintain a sustainable pace.
    • Lack of sustainable pace kills service for others.
  • Celebrate and reward mutual submission.
    • Look for ways to foster this on your team.
    • What’s rewarded is repeated.
      • What’s punished is avoided.
  • Confront your EGO.
    • If you view your staff as only being there to facilitate your success.
    • If your gonna lead this way, then at least admit it to them.
  • Drop the term loyalty from your vocabulary.
    • Not a fruit of the spirit.
    • Anyone who demands loyalty, has a loyalty problem.
      • Jesus just says, “Follow me.” yet always reminded people they could leave when they wanted.

How can I help?

Inviting yourself into their world instead of asking them to serve your world.  

How I react to this glorification determines the path I’ll be on.

God looks at Eternity and asked, “How can I help?”