I am a huge advocate for the family and believes that the family is God’s primary way of reaching the world. It is my prayer as a leader and as a father that kids and students learn to see the world as their mission field, and begin to use the gifts they’ve been given to make an impact on everyone around them.

I am the always faithful husband of Starr and the father of two sons (Ryan and Dylan) and one daughter (Lauryn.)  We often foster kids in our home, so sometimes you’ll see me with even more.

What else is there to know about Jonathan Cliff:

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  • Jeff


    I have loved the series that you have done on being an introvert. One thing I would be interested to hear from you is how you lead as an introvert. We have some great pastors on staff who are extroverts and are always having people over to their house, talking on the phone, having tons of connection with them, and I find that very hard for me to do or facilitate. What do you find that works well for you to connect with staff and volunteers?

    • Kate Radford

      Hi Jonathan – I totally agree with Jeff. How do you lead as an introvert? Reading your series was like looking into a mirror. It’s so frustrating when the extrovert leaders on staff don’t understand my introvertedness. What advice do you have about leading as an introvert? What are some hands on things you’ve done to overcome being an introverted leader? Is it even necessary to overcome being an introvert as a leader? I am very interested to get your input. Thank you so much! kate@churchoncypress.org

      • http://www.jonathancliff.com/ Jonathan Cliff

        Thanks for giving me an extroverted comment!

        First of all, one of the points of this series was to show that not all Introverts are created equal. There is a profound difference between being a wallflower and being an introvert. There are some truths about me as an introvert that are inescable, one being that I loathe talking on the phone. However, I really do love meeting with people and prefer more sincere, face-to-face interaction.

        I m also married to an extrovert, so she helps me with all of the having people over to the house part of ministry. Even though I m an Introvert, I really love people and I love making new friends. I just don t get as much energy as others from the whole experience.

        I wouldn’t think of it as overcoming my introvertedness (sic?), but more of using it to my advantage. If you work at a church, you will need to get comfortable with living a very public life. There ain’t now changing that! But you find the advantages to who you are, then bring those advantages to the table everyday by how you lead.