Ring, Ring, Ring Jealousy

I’m in a bit of a technology crisis. I am a technology nerd, who usually wants the best and first available mobile devices. When I moved to Lubbock the church here gave me a phone to use for church and personal business. It was nice to have a $0 phone bill, but the phone provided to me was a circa 1998 Sanyo flip phone. I know, I know it made perfectly good phone calls; but it didn’t balance my checkbook, didn’t allow me to browse the mobile Internet, and generally made me feel disconnected from the world.

Last week I finagled myself into a older model PDA phone, and the world was turning around for me. I was finally connected to my exchange server, and had something fun to play with when stuck for long periods of time at a kids playground. Until this week…

My wife is getting a new phone from her part-time job which is a much better phone than mine. Then my father told me that he got a new state-of-the art phone, the ATT Tilt. What is a techno-geek to do? I’m falling behind. It pains me that my wife has a better phone than mine; she doesn’t even know how to use it!

(And all the above posting is purely tongue-in-cheek. I know there are those who cannot afford meals, and heat for their homes. Please don’t send hateful emails. Or if you do, make them creative so I can post them on my blog and make fun of you.)


You know that feeling you get when you march off the elevator, then realize after you walk off that you’re not on the right floor? Know that feeling? I hate that feeling. What do you do? Act like you meant to do that and just wait til the elevator door closes, then try again? Or do you just look like a total dork and get back on the elevator?

These are the great questions I’m pondering this afternoon. Or maybe it just gave me an excuse to post a new Bizarro comic.

Bizarro Fun

As I sit here tonight, planning for a busy day of activities on Sunday; I’m drawn to the oddness of Bizarro comics and decided to share one of my new favorites. I’m doing communion tomorrow during all three adult services, I’m performing on stage during the large kid’s service at church, and I have an afternoon birthday party for my daughter Lauryn. With all these things happening in my life, sometimes I need to take a break and laugh at the ‘just plain silly’ parts of life. This comic reminds me of how shallow I feel like my blog is sometimes. I read many, many, many blogs and sometimes I walk away thinking I may possibly be the least spiritual pastoral blogger on the Internet. Anyways…