Friday Bag #22

 The Friday Bag

How to Guard Sabbath for your Children  –  “Children don’t set the calendar in our homes—if they are overscheduled or sleep-deprived, the fault lies with us. How can we better discharge our duty of raising children to seek Sabbath? To value down-time to reconnect with God and family?” // This is so, so, so good to read as a parent. Make the time to at the very least read this first link!

5 Signs You Lack Integrity“While there are many things that compromise our integrity, here are five signs that show your integrity is in question…”

The Right Questions to Ask About Yourself“There’s no experience, no relationship, no childhood memory, no part-time job, no tragedy, and no talent that’s wasted on you. It all culminates into one beautiful compilation of purpose.  I wrote down some of the  defining moments of my life  as an event producer.  But here are some questions to ask about yourself.”

CPC 2013 Recap Video – I was there, were you?

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Special Orange Track at CPC 2013

CPC 2013
I am so excited about some of my favorite things all coming together in January of next year. I’ve been a huge fan of all things ORANGE for years now, and an even bigger advocate of small groups and those that lead them. I’m also highly invested in making the 2013 Children’s Pastor Conference one of the best places to take your team. For those reasons, I’m thrilled to share that both CPC and Orange are coming together for a special Orange tour experience at CPC.  There will be breakouts concentrating on their new Lead Small initiative and developing Small Group Leaders for children and preschool ministry.


Lead Small – the key to mobilizing an authentic faith in the next generation.  Every stage of life needs a unique kind of influence. So, how do we create a culture in the church where small groups can thrive? How do we coach small group leaders to embrace their role in discipling a generation? You’ll walk away from this one day pre-con experience with practical tips to help you effectively hand off a timeless mission to a new generation.
Here are the breakouts available at CPC, all being taught by  Terry Scalzitti. There will be an entire team from Orange that will be there to answer any questions you have about Lead Small and all other things Orange!
5 Catalysts for Spiritual Formation
You’re invited to an interactive experience to discuss the key components on how the spiritual formation of the next generation takes place. We’ll take a look at 5 catalysts that spark transformation in a person’s life.
Lead Small  
We believe Small Group Leaders are one of the keys to a child’s spiritual formation.  Filled with practical application for small group leaders or working with small group leaders – you’ll walk away challenged, encouraged and renewed to do for a few what you wish you could do for many.
Why Structure is Important?
Groups will never work until we work like groups are important. We’ll dive into how to structure your Monday – Friday schedule to work on the things that will make your groups thrive on Sunday. This breakout is chocked full of easy, practical tips.

CPC is Live Streaming

What a great way for people around the world, and your living room to participate in some great Children’s Ministry Gold!  I’ll be there all week long, and I’ll be bringing some special insight into what makes CPC a unique place for leaders of Children in Churches around the world!

Join us for LIVE streaming from CPC 2012 in San Diego, California:

all times are Pacific Standard Time PST (GMT +8)


Monday, February 27 at 6:45 PM

General Session  #1  “Impart God’s truth to this generation”


Tuesday, February 28 at 3:30 PM

General Session #3  “Communicate with families”


Wednesday, February 29 at 5:45 PM

General Session #5  “Pray for the international children s ministry community”