Friday Bag #23

The Friday Bag

Tim Keller on  How to Read the Bible  – “There is, in the end, only two ways to read the Bible: is it basically about me or basically about Jesus? In other words, is it basically about what I must do, or basically about what he has done?”

Live a Visible, Exemplary, Everyday Life  – “As I mentor and coach leaders in North American churches, I find a common theme among many pastors: They live and lead in such a way so as to disqualify themselves as an elder in their own church..”

Michael Hyatt on His top 10 Favorite iPad Apps  –  “I have been asked numerous times about which iPad applications I use. I thought I d share here my top ten favorites. These are the applications I am using daily.”

Why Come to Orange Conference 2013? // Well, besides that I’ll be there and you can say hello in person?

Why come to Orange Conference 2013? from Orange on Vimeo.

Friday Bag #22

 The Friday Bag

How to Guard Sabbath for your Children  –  “Children don’t set the calendar in our homes—if they are overscheduled or sleep-deprived, the fault lies with us. How can we better discharge our duty of raising children to seek Sabbath? To value down-time to reconnect with God and family?” // This is so, so, so good to read as a parent. Make the time to at the very least read this first link!

5 Signs You Lack Integrity“While there are many things that compromise our integrity, here are five signs that show your integrity is in question…”

The Right Questions to Ask About Yourself“There’s no experience, no relationship, no childhood memory, no part-time job, no tragedy, and no talent that’s wasted on you. It all culminates into one beautiful compilation of purpose.  I wrote down some of the  defining moments of my life  as an event producer.  But here are some questions to ask about yourself.”

CPC 2013 Recap Video – I was there, were you?

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Friday Bag Turns 21

The Friday Bag

This is the 21st Friday Bag that I’ve released here, and we’ll have to imagine this Friday Bag going out for a beer on it’s 21st Birthday. No worries, the  Friday Bag drinks  responsibly   We are also hoping that after the 21st edition, we will begin to see some more  maturity  out of the bag. Could happen…

Three Reasons to Restructure Your Family Ministries – Surprise! I agree with this view on family ministry…

How to Become a Morning Person – This is a great post by Michael Hyatt, but really it could have just as easily been accomplished by telling everyone to add a one week old to your home. Then  immediately  you’re a morning person!

13 Web Apps You Need in 2013“Choosing the best tools to help us with that can be a chore, but to start you off on the right path for 2013, I ve assembled 13 web apps you need to get familiar with so that you can make the most of the year ahead.”  

Things I Have Learned, by John Piper“Since my father died, I have been looking through his papers. I found a small sheet with the following fifteen counsels, titled “Things I Have Learned.” || This list is golden people, read it and then read it again.

The Science of Productivity (Video)